Convert your 2D plans into BIM online with the help of AI

Simplify your transition to BIM and boost your productivity


Intuitive and efficient
  • From all your scanned or CAD plans (PDF, PNG, JPEG)
  • Automatic architecture recognition
  • Instant computations on our dedicated servers
  • Online, work from anywhere
  • Dedicated training and support
  • Easy to use


Key features
  • Integrated BIM editor and 3D viewer
  • Assembly of floors
  • Dedicated electronic document and user manager
  • IFC files compatible with all your BIM software
  • Export of DXF for you 2D CAD software
  • Summary of surfaces, volumes and quantities

Your BIM models in a few clicks

plans2bim artificial intelligence plans2bim artificial intelligence

50% time saving, 100% compatibility


Plans2BIM supports openBIM® approaches


Use your models in IFC 2x3 format with your usual software

abyla active_3D allplan archicad bentley bimcollabzoom bimsync bimvision evebim realworld4d revit sketchup solibri spinalcom teia tekla usBIM

Discover Plans2BIM in 3 steps


Our complete video tutorial takes you step by step, from registration to exporting your files.


Our user guide is a detailed support to answer your questions.


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The essential features

checkLoad your plans (.pdf .png .jpg)

checkLaunch algorithms

checkVisualize the result in 2D/3D

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check1 user

check100 MB of storage

Pay only at the end to

checkAssemble floors

checkExport the models

chevron_rightIFC files - 3D BIM

chevron_rightDXF files - 2D CAD

chevron_rightQuantities and takeoffs

15€ / plan (excl. taxes)

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chevron_rightIFC files - 3D BIM

chevron_rightDXF files - 2D CAD

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checkIncluded formation and support

49€ / month (excl. taxes)
290€ / year (excl. taxes)


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590€ / year (excl. taxes)

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